Look at that I still have a blog.
A bunch of new newness has occurred. Cop this shit.

  First off, I'm one of the co-heads of Philly Comix Jam along with Andrea “Dre Time” Grigoropol.
Also check out our new blog :
Philly Comix Jam

  Secondly, the Comix Jam took off to the 2nd Annual Philadelphia Alternative Comic Con and held a Con Wide Jam. It was " for great success". I had such a great time there, met some great people and got even greater comics from them. Now I just have to get all the 20 ish pages scanned and contact all the featured artists. I'm thinking of making a book out of it, all proceeds will go to the publication and shipping of the issues.

  Thirdly, I'm participating in a TWENTY-FOUR hour comic making event with Pete Stathis, Raphael Tiberino, Steven Peters, Colleen Groh, Brett J. Hopkins, Jason Clarke, Andrea Grigoropol at 2:00 PM on August 20th at Atomic City Comics at 640 South Street Philadelphia. Here's some more information on the concept http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/24-hour_comic

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