Look at that I still have a blog.
A bunch of new newness has occurred. Cop this shit.

  First off, I'm one of the co-heads of Philly Comix Jam along with Andrea “Dre Time” Grigoropol.
Also check out our new blog :
Philly Comix Jam

  Secondly, the Comix Jam took off to the 2nd Annual Philadelphia Alternative Comic Con and held a Con Wide Jam. It was " for great success". I had such a great time there, met some great people and got even greater comics from them. Now I just have to get all the 20 ish pages scanned and contact all the featured artists. I'm thinking of making a book out of it, all proceeds will go to the publication and shipping of the issues.

  Thirdly, I'm participating in a TWENTY-FOUR hour comic making event with Pete Stathis, Raphael Tiberino, Steven Peters, Colleen Groh, Brett J. Hopkins, Jason Clarke, Andrea Grigoropol at 2:00 PM on August 20th at Atomic City Comics at 640 South Street Philadelphia. Here's some more information on the concept http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/24-hour_comic

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Are you ready to Jam out with your clam out?



Three Words Repeated. . . Three Words Repeated. . .
Three. Words. Repeat....


yay! for printing errors. I just need to get my own copier or a fancy new printer and be done with it. Boo. Boo-urns.



The Strange Case of Dr. Jerkass and Mr. High.


Able bodied people who ride the El for a single stop baffle me. 3 blocks is apparently too far to walk nowadays.


The inventor of Sweet Potato Fries has trumped the inventor of regular fried potatoes.
Strange Tales and Six Tacos. To eat Nachos or to not eat 'chos?


So my piece from "What Makes A Man dress Up Like A Bat??" is the most vulgar and depraved. Yay for sexual repression expression!


™ & ® vs. ©

Here's my page in Philly Comix Jam's tabloid "What Makes A Man Dress Up Like A Bat??".
More details to follow. Stay tuned ™-fans



So 1st things first, Welcome to my new blarg, I mean blog.
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